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Mens Accessories Blackroll Mini - SS17 Blue 9856770958LV


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Product DetailsBlackroll MiniThe Blackroll Mini is small, light and convenient for travel. The Mini offers selective massage of body parts, isolating, allowing you to get better, and deeper, tissue manipulation and relief.Get to any muscle, no matter where you are. Treat your feet, arms and legs and anywhere else you might want to, to a stress relieving, selective massage. You can also use the Blackroll Mini at the table, on the floor and even the wall, to get to the body part that you want. The Mini is suitable as a connection piece of two Blackroll's, either 30cm or 45 cm long.The hygiene of the blackroll is important; it's easy to clean, easily sanitised, water resistant and inodorous. This allows for a quick, easy clean before and after use, and also prevents it from smelling up the office, car or wherever you decide to take it.FeaturesConvenient For Travel - Small, light and easily carried.Selective Massage - can massage a variety of body parts.Can Use Anywhere - Can use it at the table, floor and even the walls.Hygiene - In-odorous, water resistant, easy to clean and easy sanitizable.Size - 15 cm x 5.3 cmManufacturer product code - BLKBRBMAZ

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