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Mens Accessories Blackroll Standard 45 - SS17 Black 7561722908HM


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Product DetailsThis Classic Blackroll is now available in a 45cm length after receiving multiple requests from therapists, wanting to offer their patients a bigger supporting surface, as well as Pilates trainers. Even though the sizing has changed, the same amount of superb density nd stability is offered.Blackroll Standard 45cmThe standard 45cm Blackroll helps to prevent muscle ache and improves your muscles recovery for increased performance as well as helping to improve your flexibility through self-massage. The roll is designed to offer your average hardness but is still firmer than your typical foam roller,delivering a strong and deep massage effect to aid the release of myofascia- the connective tissue of muscle and muscle groups. With regular and targeted training helping to regenerate your muscles, the roller can also supplement more traditional methods of treatment such as physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage and rolfing.The Roller is water resistant, light and very easy to clean and can be used in various placed such as around the house, at the gym or even on holiday.FeaturesHelps with Myofascia- The connective tissue of muscle and muscle groups. Water Resistant, Light And Easy To Clean.For Self-Massage And To Improve Muscle Repair And Flexibility.Manufacturer product code - BLKSTABK45

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