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Mens Accessories Sidas Footcare Kit - SS17 Green/Blue 8092196383@@


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Mens Accessories Sidas Footcare Kit - SS17 Green/Blue 8092196383@@

Product DetailsSidas Footcare KitThis footcare kit helps to protect and soothe your feet before, during and after your sport.Use this handy footcare kit to help prevent friction and soothe high impact areas, while preventing injuries such as blisters, black toenails and friction between the toes. The pack contains one 15ml anti-friction cream, one 15ml Recovery Cryo Gel, two Gel Toe Caps, four Gel Toe Wraps, 2 Foot Protectors and 3 Toe protector. Overall this kit is a must have for those who enjoy sports such as cycling, running, golf, winter sports and hiking, and will help keep you more comfortable either during training or races.Features1 x 15ml Anti-friction Cream - Prevents skin from chafing and skin irritation. 1 x Recovery Cryro Gel- Provides rapid relief from the stress and strain of sport on your muscles. 2 x Gel Toe Caps- Relieves pressure or pain on the toes. 4 x Gel Toe Wraps - Offers full round protection for the toes. 2 x Foot Protectors - Designed to offload pressure from the heels. 3 x Toe Protectors - Relieves pressure and friction on the toes that can intensify foot conditions.Manufacturer product code - SIDCFCFOCAREKIT

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