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Mens Sport Gym Blackroll 8cm Ball - SS17 Green 9943629392RQ


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Product DetailsBlackroll 8cm BallUsing Blackroll before and after your training or just to start up your day, will not only improve your sport performance but also your posture and therefore your overall well-being - by experience relief from pain and stiffness.With Blackroll it is possible to perform exercises that aim at balance work as well as stabilise and further mobilise your body. To achieve this, Blackroll produces various roll-out tools to work with, using your own body weight and strength to prepare and regenerate the muscular system and improve the blood circulation. Improving blood circulation will not only get you warmed up but it will improve oxygen and nutrient rich blood to flow and can help benefit the heart and the body's muscles and arteries. The Blackroll Ball is for pinpoint application and massage of the deeper laying muscles, it is also suitable for massaging the arms, neck and feet and can be used on a table, wall or on the floor.FeaturesFor Pinpoint Application - Massage of the deeper laying muscles. Suitable For Massaging The Arms, Neck and FeetEnvironmentally Friendly100% RecyclableWater Resistant - Easy to clean.Manufacturer product code - BLKBRBBGN08C

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